The Chinese American Construction Professionals (CACP) Scholarship Program was established to provide aid to students who are pursuing their career in architecture, engineering, design, or construction-related fields. 

The goal of this program is to create a conduit between CACP and the most promising students with design and construction related majors in local universities. The program recognizes students with the highest academic achievement and encourages them to thrive and to pursue professional excellence. In some cases, the program provides students with financial assistance. Among local universities and with professional communities, the scholarship program well-represents CACP as a recognized  professional organization and its scholarship recipients as top students in their field benefiting CACP as well as those top students. CACP is committed to support future young professionals and will offer each scholarship applicant a free year of student membership ($35.00 value) to our organization. 

Scholarships will vary from $1,000-$3,000

To apply, please submit your application and documents to [email protected]

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2021 Sponsors and Recipients 

Karilin Yiu graduated with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering as a first-generation college student, and is pursuing a Master's in Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley with an emphasis in project management. Throughout her undergraduate career, she led Berkeley’s ASCE Sustainable Solution Team and ASC Virtual Design and Construction Competition Team to success, and continued to work as a tutor for Engineering Student Services (ESS). As a naturally inquisitive and analytical individual, she is enthralled by the challenges and blessed by the rewards of bringing robust projects to life in the vast AEC industry. She is committed to build resilient solutions and strong communities to bring prosperity to life as a civil engineer. In her free time, she enjoys exploring national parks and tutoring youth to open the eyes of tomorrow’s leaders.




Royce Eu

I was born in St. Jude hospital in Southern California. Ever since then I spent my entire life here with my close family. We were instilled with the idea of higher education, and pride of work, which was passed on to me particularly. Ever since I was a child I had a passion for creation, and working with my hands. Whether playing with legos or drawing houses and buildings, I knew I was meant for the art of creation. I spent my youth going through the motions of school, until I reached Cal Poly Pomona, which gave me a freedom and access that I’ve never had before. With looser structures and a focus on individual freedoms, I’ve found that there were more classes than I could take. Of course it came at a price, and now I find myself working two jobs to fulfill my dream of creating something great. So thank you for giving me the resources to fulfill that dream.



Thanh Lam will begin his Master’s program in Urban Planning this fall at UCLA, with a concentration in Housing, Community, and Economic Development. After graduating from UCLA in 2016 he sought opportunities to engage and make a difference in the community. He has gained first- hand experience in various community-based non-profit, private sector, and public sector roles within the construction industry in California. Thanh served as an Administrative Assistant with CACP for two years, then as a Contract Administrator with the Associated General Contractors of California. He is currently a Compliance Officer with the Los Angeles County Development Authority, where he oversees prevailing wage and public works compliance on affordable housing development projects throughout Los Angeles County. As a first-generation college graduate, Thanh will be returning to UCLA to pursue a planning education in order to advance housing and economic equity within low-income, minority, and under-resourced socioeconomic communities throughout the greater Los Angeles area.




2020 Sponsors and Recipients 

Josef Shibeshi is the Senior Project Manager of Engineering Consulting Services (ECS Southeast, Limited). In this role, Yosef is mainly responsible for report and proposal preparation, managing the construction materials testing department, training and supervising field engineers, inspection of construction projects. He also played a key role in the continued marketing and client development, ensuring flexibility in response to an increasingly demanding construction business. Prior to joining ECS, Yosef was Project Engineer of NOVA Engineering and Environmental and was responsible for providing oversight, QA/QC, analysis, laboratory testing and field services as required to meet clients’ expectations as projects advance to construction. Yosef earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and currently enrolled in the graduate program of Construction Management at Kennesaw State University, Georgia. In addition, Yosef is a licensed professional engineer, P.E, for the states of Georgia and District of Columbia.



Christina Du graduated this June from the University of California, Davis, with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and minor in Construction Management. The daughter of Chinese immigrants, her passion for civil engineering and construction was first sparked when she visited her grandma, a retired structural engineer in Yunnan, and saw the different impacts of city development on seniors and local communities. At UC Davis, she served as president for her school’s ASCE chapter, and competed on the Construction Management, Concrete Canoe, and ITE project teams. She also worked at Dr. John Harvey’s UC Pavement Research Center during school, developing innovative pavement designs for Caltrans. For two years, she led UC Davis teams to the annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) competitions. She interned at Devcon Construction and Condon-Johnson, and is currently interning at Hensel Phelps while pursuing her Master’s. After graduation, Christina plans to join the construction industry full-time, with the end goal of leading international projects that are innovative, safe, inclusive, and sustainable for their communities.



Celeste Chan is a junior majoring in Civil Engineering at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (CPP). Celeste not only excels academically, but is also highly active in STEM outreach. Celeste previously hosted the 11th Annual Civil Day at CPP with over 200 middle school students in attendance as the Outreach and Community Service Chair for the CPP American Society of Civil
Engineers club. She is currently the Vice President of External Affairs for the CPP Society of Women Engineers club. Celeste recently completed a full-time Environmental Engineering internship at Lyondell Basell. She strives to inspire the next generation of students to pursue STEM careers and be able to apply her knowledge of engineering to help solve environmental issues in her community and beyond.




2019 Sponsors and Recipients 

Sponsor: Edward Chang, CACP Founder

Recipient: PEI WEI ZHANG

University: University of California, Los Angeles

Major: Architecture

Degree: Master Degree

I was born in Zhuhai and grew up in Chongqing, China. I moved to theUnited States about 17 years ago to live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I attended the School of Architecture at University of Virginia and earneda Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Upon graduating in 2014, I worked as Project Designer at Steelman Partners, an international design firm in Las Vegas specialized in hospitality and entertainment architecture. I moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to begin my graduate education in Master of Architecture at University of California, LosAngeles in the department of Architecture and Urban Design, in which I will be going onto my 3rd and final year in Fall 2019. Along with working at a residential firm in Santa Monica for this summer, I will be teaching at Teen ArchStudio Summer Institute at UCLA, and was selected to travel to Japan for the xLAB Summer Program working with fellow international students and faculty in architecture.


Sponsor: Connie Chee, Superior Fire Protection, Inc.


University: University of California, Davis

Major: Landscape Architecture and Design

Degree: Bachelor’s of Science

My name is Selena Anguiano and I’m a first generation student that is entering her final year as a Landscape Architect and Designer in UC Davis. My roots are derived from a quaint town in Mendocino County that is nestled between golden hills and tall redwood trees. My yearning for home and the comfort of my family’s garden made me realize the importance that physical space can have on the individual and society, and drove me to pursue Landscape Architecture and Design as my major. In the past years I have designed a courtyard in campus, private residence’s yards, created plans for low income apartments in Oakland and even a park in Oslo. I currently work as a landscape designer for Mark Thomas and enjoy spending my free time creating plans for private residences and studying plants. I strive to one day be a leader in a urban park movement where I could work with neglected communities/cities and incorporate parks for the people.

CACP would like to extend its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all the supporters of the Scholarship Program, in assisting the students financially in their schooling and acknowledging their accomplishments and the hard work and effort put towards their education. Our best wishes to all the scholarship recipients in their future endeavors.


2018 Sponsors and Recipients 

Sponsor: Raymond Chan 

Recipient: Kai Ling Liang

University: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Major: Civil Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Kai Ling graduated last June from Cal Poly State University, San Luis Obispo, with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. She was born in Guangzhou, China and immigrated to San Francisco in 2003. As a first-generation college student from a low-income family, Kai Ling not only excelled academically as a student but also strived to develop herself as an engineer. At Cal Poly, she was the junior captain for the ASCE Steel Bridge team and helped design a shower facility for a children’s summer camp with Engineers Without Borders. Additionally, she interned as a gas distribution engineer at Pacific Gas & Electric and as a structural designer at FTF Engineering. She hopes to learn how to integrate construction and sustainability with design to create structures that are more safe, sustainable, and resilient. After graduation, Kai Ling plans to work as a structural designer at an interdisciplinary design firm.


Sponsor: Edward Chang 

Recipient: Debbie Wang

University: California Polytechnic State University, Pomona

Major: Architecture

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Biology


Debbie graduated with a Bachelor's in Science, Biology and am currently pursuing a Master's in Architecture at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. She came into architecture with a very different perspective on design which made architecture difficult. She refused to see her differences as a weakness and was persistent in her unique ideas to which her most recent project was nominated for a sustainability competition hosted by SoCalGas. During her journey in architecture, she found sustainability and regenerative studies to be of great interest to her and plan to pursue sustainable design as her career. She absolutely loves the outdoors and all the creatures within it, and strives to build a community that is environmentally conscious of the world around us.


Sponsor: Connie Chee, Superior Fire Protection, Inc. 

Recipient: Peiwei Zhang

University: University of California, Los Angeles

Major: Architecture

Degree: Master of Architecture


Peiwei was born in Zhuhai and grew up in Chongqing. She moved to the United States when she was ten to live in Las Vegas, Nevada. She attended the School of Architecture at University of Virginia to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Upon graduating in 2014, she moved back to Las Vegas to work at Steelman Partners, an international design firm specializing in hospitality and entertainment architecture. After working there for three years as Project Designer, she moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to begin her graduate education in Master of Architecture at University of California, Los Angeles in the department of Architecture and Urban Design.

CACP extends its heartfelt appreciation and thanks to supporters of the Scholarship Program. It truly assists in the financing of the students’ schooling and acknowledges significant accomplishments in the recipients’ educational journey.